Sell iTunes, Amazon, Steam, Sephora Gift Card in Naira on IGCTrader

So you’re looking for a trusted site to sell iTunes
gift card for Naira. Or not just itunes gift card?
Maybe you need to sell amazon gift card, steam
gift card, sephroa gift card, walmart gift card
e.t.c But you find it difficult getting a reliable
platform. It isn’t surprising. Considering the nature
of the market and the risks involved, it’s
understandable that you would want a popular site
to trade your gift cards with.
Be that as it may, this is easier said than done.
You see, various sites, including ambiguous
numbers on WhatsApp groups claim to buy gift
cards in Nigeria. Aside from trying to lure you in
with a promise of a gift card high rates, they may
also ask you to check their fake references.
The internet is a rich hunting ground for gift card
scammers that are trying to defraud unsuspecting
victims of their iTunes gift card. However, you
could avoid all these messes by selling your
iTunes card on a trusted gift card trading
That’s right; we are talking about Igctrader. If
you’re not familiar with the name, the first
question you want to ask is this;
What is Igctrader?
Igctrader is an online gift card exchange where
users can easily sell iTunes card and other gift
cards for Naira. Now here is the significant part,
this platform has no limit on the type of gift card
it accepts.
In other words, not only can you trade iTunes gift
card, but other major gift cards as well. These
include Amazon cards, Steam, Walmart, Target,
Sephora, Vanilla and Google Play cards e.t.c
Perhaps the most impressive thing about
Igctrader is the fact that they are direct
loaders. What does this mean, you ask?
Igctrader makes profit by redeeming the value
held by your gift cards. So, rather than sell to an
intermediary, Igctrader loads the card directly. As
a result, you’ll enjoy the best card rate when you
exchange your iTunes gift card for Naira (and
other gift cards).
There are questions to ask now; what type of gift
card can you sell on Igctrader? How can you sell
gift cards on Igctrader? How much is $100 itunes
gift card on Igctrader?
Selling iTunes Gift Card On
For convenience sake, we have broken down the
types of iTunesgift cards Igctrader accepts into
different categories based on the denomination,
form, brand, etc. Let’s jump right in.
Although iTunes gift cards come in various
denominations, we have small denominations like
$1-$100. We have big single denominations $200
iTunes cards. Not all of them are easy to sell. For
reasons that vary from lack of funds to
unprofessionalism, most vendors don’t deal the
big single $200 iTunes denominations. That’s not
the case with Igctrader.
With Igctrader, the denomination of your card is
no issue. Whether you want to exchange $10 or
$200 iTunes card for Naira, Igctrader offers the
most stress-free transaction.
iTunes gift card is available in all major
currencies, USD, GBP (UK), EUR, NZD (New
Zealand), CAD (Canada) etc, and Igctrader
accepts them all. Since Igctrader doesn’t
discriminate, not only can you exchange the
popular currencies, but the less popular one too.
Card Form
Some iTunes card buyers in Nigeria tend to
confuse potential customers with the card form.
You see, while some of them accept an electronic
type of gift card known as ecodes exclusively,
others prefer physical cards. Well, not Igctrader.
This reliable gift card exchange focuses more on
value than form. In other words, it doesn’t matter
if you want to sell iTunes card for Naira in a
physical or electronic form, the most important
thing is the value the card holds.
How much you can sell iTunes gift card on
Igctrader won’t be an issue as rates are always
Exchanging Amazon Gift Card
For Naira
The fact that we’ve been referring to iTunes card
almost all through the post can be misleading.
So, it’s time to set the record straight; Igctrader
accepts all significant brands of gift cards
including Amazon gift cards.
On IGCTrader, you can sell amazon gift cards with
cash receipt, debit receipt, credit card receipt and
with no receipt. You can also sell amazon ecodes.
The amazon gift card rates are also impressive
and one of the best you can ever get out there.
Trading Steam Wallet Gift
Card For Naira
You can also sell steam gift card on igctrader.
Ranging from $10 to $500 single cards. No limit.
You can sell steam ecodes and physical cards.
Receipts are not required. As always, how much
you can sell steam cards on Igctrader won’t be a
problem as the rates are always competitively
Aside from the commonly traded ones like iTunes,
Amazon and steam, this exchange site also
Google Play Card
PlayStation Card
Walmart Card
Target Gift Card
Sephora Gift Card
With all the categories of card outlined above,
Igctrader may be the most flexible gift card
exchange platform on the internet. Do you think
that’s a bold claim?
Why Igctrader is the Best Site
to Sell iTunes Card for Naira
Here are some reasons to exchange your iTunes
card for Naira or Bitcoins on Igctrader.
1. Payment is Guaranteed
Guaranteed payment should not be an issue since
you’re selling something valuable, right? In any
other country, this is true. But we are in Nigeria,
and payment is not always guaranteed. As said
earlier, there are tons of fraudulent platforms on
the internet that are interested in ripping your gift
Dealing with Igctrader removes any doubt about
payment. With that in mind, you can relax,
knowing that you’ll get paid every time you have
an iTunes card or any other brand of gift card for
2. Transactions are Easy and
Igctrader is dedicated to providing the most
comfortable transaction experience. As a result,
not only is the process easy and secure, but the
payment options are flexible too.
Whether you want to sell gift card for Naira,
cryptocurrency or other gift cards, Igctrader has
you covered.
3. Prompt Response
Igctrader provides excellent customer service.
Thanks to the sales agents that are always online
to address your needs, not only is the transaction
process faster, you’ll get instant payment too.
Now that you’re considering Igctrader, you have
one more question. How can you start trading
iTunes and Amazon gift cards on this platform?
Relax, you’re about to find out.
How to Sell Gift Card In
Nigeria on Igctrader
Follow the five steps outlined below to sell iTunes
card for Naira on Igctrader.
1. Input into your
address bar
2. Confirm the value of your card with the
rate calculator
3. Contact the sales agent on Whatsapp at
( 09074368461)
4. Wait a few minutes for verification and
Please note that the transaction takes about five
minutes. However, you can speed up the process
by checking the validity of the gift card before
making contact.
Wrapping Up
Gift card trading is all about trust. However, in a
market where scammers are constantly looking
for a way to cheat you of your card, faith may be
a luxury. But, this doesn’t have to be the case.
With Igctrader, you have an online vendor that is
trustworthy and reliable. Besides, you would enjoy
a quick and secure transaction on a user-friendly
platform. And yes, the impressive rate helps too.
Are you looking for a trusted site to sell iTunes
for Naira? Contact Igctrader today;

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