NEWS: What lawmakers who booed Buhari have done to their families – Senator Eze

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, for the 2019 election in Enugu Sate, Senator Ayogu Eze has condemned what transpired in the National Assembly when President Muhammadu Buhari presented the 2019 appropriation bill to a joint sitting of the assembly on Wednesday.
He said the lawmakers ended up bringing shame to their families.
Eze said that it was unprecedented for members of the National Assembly, who pride themselves as the true representatives of the people, to descend to a level where they left Nigerians with the difficult task of distinguishing between them and kindergarten delinquents.
In a statement he signed and forwarded it on Friday, the former lawmaker argued that the actions of the NASS members had “portrayed our hallowed assembly as a place where people serve only their selfish interest.”
The governorship candidate said, “These are fathers and mothers of adults and children who were probably sitting in front of their television sets watching these unguarded conducts. How would they explain their behavior on live television to their spouses and children? What examples were they setting for a nation that looks up to them for leadership.”
He said that legislators are usually allowed their idiosyncrasies but not in a manner that would desecrate the very institution whose integrity they are elected to protect.

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