2019: We’ll Vote Who Negotiates Best Deal For Us- Miyetti Allah

Members of Miyetti Allah, Kautal Hore
Fulani Socio-cultural Association has
disclosed that it will encourage its members
to vote a person they believe will negotiate
the best deal for herders in the country.

The group, who lamented extra-judicial
killings and harassments being meted out on
them by security and paramilitary agencies,
vowed to contest anti-open grazing law
enacted by the government of Benue.
National President Miyetti Allah, Alh.
Abdullahi Bodejo said that the enactment of
the law is the most wicked act any
government can do to the economic interest
of Fulani pastorialists.
He disclosed that it member are now
refugees in neighbouring
in neighboring states of Nasarawa and
Speaking in Abuja at the end of the national
delegates meeting of the association, he said
that his people unanimously condemn and
reject the repressive and oppressive law.
His words , ” Delegates view the continuous
policies of segregation by some state
governors seeking to criminalise the
economic livelihoods of Pastoralists through
the enactment of obnoxious laws ’Anti-open
Grazing Law’ as the most wicked act any
government can do to the economic interest
of Fulani Pastoralists and unanimously
condemned and totally reject the repressive
and oppressive laws.

“Consequently, delegates affirmed their
support and solidarity for the legal action
instituted by the National Leadership to
challenge the negative and segregatory Benue
anti-grazing law at the Federal High Court
“The situation in Benue as it stands today,
our members are totally displaced from their
traditional place of earning their livelihoods,
we have over three hundred Fulani youths
that are in jail because of the law that we are
still challenging in court.
“Our people experience extra-judicial killings
by security and paramilitary agencies,
harassment, intimidation of herders seen
around Benue, which is why we are calling
on the abolition of that law.

“As it stands today in Benue, our members
are refugees in neighboring states of
Nasarawa and Taraba states and we are
hoping that something is done to ameliorate
the pitiable situation they find themselves.
“The Benue issue remains the most vexed
issue to pastoralists in Nigeria and the whole
of West African sub region because it is a
policy that is aimed at destroying
pastoralism, which is a means of to millions
of pastoralists across sub-Saharan Africa.
“As for 2019 elections, we are weighing what
the two candidates will bring on the table,
what they have for the pastoralists that are
facing numerous challenges across the
country and when we finish our assessment,
we will invite the whole world to know our
stance but for now, we are asking our
members to be ready with their PVC’s and
await where we can negotiate the best deal
for them particularly on the issue of their
economic livelihood because any candidate
we support must come out clean on what
future plans he has for livestock development
in this country and his agenda for farmers
and herders in this country, It’s not just the
two candidates that are contesting, we have
over ninety political parties contesting, it will
be unfair to narrow down to two perceived
National Secretary of the association
revealed that herders in Kogi are dying of a
disease they believe to be gastrointestinal,
where patients bleed till they die.
His word “ Other problems facing pastoralists
is that in Kogi state, there has been an
outbreak of a viral disease that have been
killing our members in the villages and up till
now the centre for disease control or
ministry of health is yet to investigate it, this
should be investigated before it becomes a
national disaster. It is around Dikina and
Ayimgba there is an outbreak of a gastro
intestinal disease where patients bleed before
they die.

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